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The spreadsheet is an important tool for the financial health of any family. Although not difficult, many people do not even have control of expenses and earnings during the month and even so they go through financial trouble unnecessarily. And, controlling your money today is synonymous with tranquility!

The most common and the people not sure where to go all their money every month? The best solution is to keep a monthly expense spreadsheet and use it to track your expenses and costs, so you can solve the mysterious mystery of money that does not give for anything.

Save all your receipts throughout the week. Then pick them up at the end of the week and sort them into categories – groceries, vehicle expenses, entertainment, etc. Repeat the process for all remaining weeks of the month. Then add up your expenses to see how much you spent that month. This will give you a snapshot of your overhead, but it will also help you capture areas where you may be spending too much.

The Importance of Spending Worksheet

Having a good expense spreadsheet allows you to not only keep your bills up to date, but helps you reach new goals such as buying a home or car. To make your life easier, here are some legal tips to get your spending spreadsheet simple and effective.

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Spend schedule information


For starters, your spreadsheet needs to list your earnings, your earnings. Here, it includes all forms of income and everyone who helps in the home. Let’s start? Fill in this information in your spending spreadsheet to have a map of your debt as well.


  • Salary
  • Pension (if applicable)
  • Benefit of INSS (if applicable)
  • Overtime
  • 13th Salary
  • Vacation

The cool thing is to add these items month after month.


In this item the details are essential. Separate fixed and variable expenses, following:

Fixed expenses are:

– Rent; Condo (if equipped); Provision of the House; House insurance; Diarist or Monthly; Car service; Car insurance; Parking; Health plan; College or College; Courses; IPTU; IPVA

Variable expenses are:

– Water; Light; Telephone; Cell phone; Gas; Monthly (TV, Internet and Telephone); Fuel or passages (buses); Food; Medicines; Also included here are items like gym, beauty and aesthetics.

In this item, always put a reserve value, since you never know what can happen. Here we have the extra accounts:

  • Doctor
  • Car Repair
  • Home Repair
  • School supplies

Other items are in the personal list, being:

– Clothing; Footwear; Accessories; Gifts; Travels; Leisure (cinema, theater, restaurant, among others).

Month by month, establish the values ​​that can be inserted in these more superfluous items. The table with this information you can find directly on the Bovespa website.

How to solve outstanding debts?

For you to have real notion of your financial life you really need to make the expense spreadsheet. In fact, a suggestion is to gather all the debts that are open and seek a negotiation so that your name is not denied.

The first step then, after making the spreadsheet, is to have the exact notion of what the total value of your revenue could be devoted to debt settlement. At a simple count, you will see how far you can get into a negotiation. Be true to yourself and to your creditors right now!

There’s no money left, now what?


You may have come to the conclusion that you have no money left. And now, how can I do it? Through the cost worksheet, you can schedule yourself to start booking money from the next few months.


planilha de gastos 2018

The goal of spending programming is not just control, but also predictability, which is expected to come in the coming months. So set values, talk to lenders, and then start planning your future to clear the name.

Resources to build your spending spreadsheet

In the old days we talked about organizing the accounts on paper, today everything is much easier and simpler. Incidentally, it is totally online and dynamic.


There are countless applications that allow you to track your spending and how much you earn. More than that, there are platforms that can cross data from moving your cards, all to really make your life easier.

Pocket Guide, for example, is an application available for smartphone and can be accessed also by the computer. You assemble your profile, enter the information and the graph simply shows you the panorama of the accounts. It is a good choice for technology lovers.

The Benefits of Having a Spending Worksheet

The first advantage of having a spreadsheet is controlling what goes into and out of the house financially. This control will allow the person to watch their accounts every month, where the money is going and what to save, if need be.

Another advantage is knowing the resources you have and how to take advantage of them effectively. Distribute the money, clear the bills and even set up a reserve for any need or even for achieving a goal.

Besides money, you save time. Administering requires commitment, but on the other hand it gives you more time. For example, you do not have to look hard at what the value of such an invoice in that month or much less if a fee of three months ago was paid. You have full control on the spending spreadsheet!

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