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Personal Loan for Self Employed ? One of the biggest doubts of some Internet users and Internet users attending Lear is knowing the requirements and chances of a self-employed person (Autonomous) getting credit, loans, financing, credit card and other banking and financial services.


How to get personal loan for freelancers?


How to get personal loan for freelancers?


You may feel overwhelmed by the eligibility requirements for a personal loan, especially if you have difficulty proving your income or some asset. However, there are options available from both traditional and non-traditional lenders who offer personal loans to people who are self-employed.

You have every chance! The self-employed or freelance liberal professional, despite having no employment relationship, is a worker like anyone else who has a portfolio, but there are 2 more important financial rules that the self-employed must have, one of them is to prove income (IRPF), the other is have a bank account with active movement.

And speaking of autonomous, with the approval of the “Positive Registry”, people working in the informal sector will be much better able to obtain credit in the square , with the “Serasa Experian Positive Registry, all their history of financial commitment payments as accounts consumption, store cards, credit cards and benefits cards are being paid on time, those that are late, and not paid, this information will be considered at the time of the credit analysis, even if it is autonomous, this will make your access to credit and loans are facilitated, in addition, the positive register will allow the consumer to obtain better conditions when negotiating in the preferred commercial establishments.

What is a self-employed worker?


What is a self-employed worker?


Continuing with loan issue for standalone. What is really a freelancer? He is a Professional (liberal or not) who works for his own account.

The freelancer chose to work without a boss, because he has his business, because he sells loose products or because he works as a freelancer like myself, in short …, the freelancer seeks other alternatives to earn money working, without relying on a fixed / monthly salary or a wallet signed.

In the segment of loans that grant loans and financing, the self-employed person who proves income has no difficulty in obtaining any type of loan , provided that he can prove income (IRPF), bank transfer (Extract) and name clean.

A large part of the self-employed work in the job market informally and in some situations the autonomy ends up encountering some difficulties, but nothing that is not possible, see the examples, the autonomous should:


How to apply for a loan for self-employed?


How to apply for a loan for self-employed?

1 -) Check income, by extract, pro-labore or the most indicated IRPF;
2 -) Own current account with active movement;
3 -) Check home address and telephone;
4 -) Not be registered in Serasa, SCP or CCF;
5 -) Be registered with Self-employed in the City Hall.

The autonomous professional who has a bank account and a good credit history, does not even have to speak to the manager to obtain personal credit or borrowed money, depending on his movement, the autonomous enjoys even differentiated accounts of the type: ” Van Gogh Santander , HSBC Premium , Itau Premier , Personnalité Itaú , Bradesco Prime , Banco do Brasil Estilo “, with the right to personalized service.

Now, if the self-employed person wants a “self-employed loan”, he does not prove income neither with income tax return, nor with bank transfer, and above all with a restriction on the name, there he is very, very difficult borrow money through traditional means, banks and financial.

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