Buy or rent a property? Which is the best choice?

Buying or renting a property, what is more advantageous? For the financial sector, buying a property is not worth it, that's right! In Brazil, the culture of having a property as an investment predominates, but we will explain why having the dream home is not the best choice. An assessment at Investment predominates Recently many people

Credit to Do What You Want or To Pay Off Debts

    Credit to do what you want, buy when you want or to pay overdue debt? Maybe all three options. Credit is a magic word, for some people it may be something that brings an experience of satisfaction and tranquility, for others it is a symbol of heartbreak and despair. Credit can be what you yourself

Spending Worksheet – Organize Your Financial Life Online

  The spreadsheet is an important tool for the financial health of any family. Although not difficult, many people do not even have control of expenses and earnings during the month and even so they go through financial trouble unnecessarily. And, controlling your money today is synonymous with tranquility! The most common and the people not sure

Simulate Personal Credit in the Bank

How to simulate personal credit in the bank?    The reasons for getting personal credit are always the same, organizing your family budget, paying off high interest debt, paying your child's university, taking a trip or investing in a business. Whatever your goal of hiring a personal loan, the most important thing is how to simulate one

Personal Loan for Self Employed How to get? Is fast? Bank Loans

Pde » Useful Information» Loan for freelancers how to get? Is fast? Personal Loan for Self Employed ? One of the biggest doubts of some Internet users and Internet users attending Lear is knowing the requirements and chances of a self-employed person (Autonomous) getting credit, loans, financing, credit card and other banking and financial services.   How

What is fiduciary alienation?

Have you ever noticed the term "fiduciary alienation" in the document when purchasing a used car? If you have noticed or not, do you know what it means? Most people have no idea what it is, however, regardless of their knowledge, continue with this article and learn a little more about this legal expression used

Credit Counseling & Debt Management

  We all need to take credit counseling and know how to do debt management in an efficient manner. The strangest thing is that most people believe that for this they will need good credit in the market place or get a personal loan, but any staff nowadays can get a loan even if they are